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Bay to Breakers is a 12km event run in San Francisco since 1912.

These are people who run it with Gerald Westheimer and have become supporters and friends over the years.
The neck lanyards show official registrations in an event famous enough to get newspaper coverage.
Gerald's lanyard says 92.  I think he once told me there was a special Seniors division -- this number does not mean "92nd Contestant".
The run started 8AM on Sunday, 15May, but people who run in FOG can start later and still get official times, because their shoes have stride-strike recording transponders.
My thanks to Lothar Spillmann for the photo.


Gerald Westheimer PARTICIPATES in the Bay to Breakers event by walking, he does not run.
Can you imagine writing a paper with this man? I can't even do a photo.

Sir Colin Blakemore had the photo taken with his smartphone.
Jack Pettigrew writes that Colin is organizing a birthday party for Horace Barlow in England in December.

Thanks for sharing the photo.  Gerald is an inspiration.
He took an interest in my research when I was a graduate student at the Salk Institute.
Very generous spirit.
---Adam Messinger, NIMH